Little did I know that it was the ticket to me quitting the grind and starting my dream job. Today, you can find me in a robe spending slow mornings at home, homeschooling my littles and soaking in all the cherished moments in our bungalow country home; together as a family. 

In fact you used to be able to find me wearing scrubs, living off of cold coffee and commuting after long shifts as a mental health Registered Nurse. 
Seven years ago, i looked down to see the tiniest little fingers holding mine and asked for my first real camera from my hubby for Christmas. Every moment seemed fleeting and I was obsessed with capturing it all to cherish those moments for years to come. 

so glad you are here!

I'm Tara, photographer, Registered nurse, wife and mama with big dreams. Obsessed with; styling my littles,  and lattes.

hi Friend!

coffee with a splash of milk and a little on the sweet side. Often reheated x3! Really just a lover of lattes! 

I'm fuelled by 

My hubby makes the most delicious brunches! Amongst my favourites are eggs benedict, poached, scrambled, dippy eggs...okay maybe I just love it all! Especially since we live next to my Aunt and Uncles farm where we are blessed with fresh eggs.

I'm all about slow mornings 

By far my favourite title is MAMA even though all except our last said dada first. They light up my world, make me laugh harder than I knew possible and melt me like butter as much as they drive me crazy! 
Our oldest (my bonus) has been the greatest gift and grown with me and shape me to be a better me by giving me more grace than I probably deserve. 

my Five kiddos are my world

Three weeks into landing my summer job, my car was toasted and I was desperate to find a carpool. Best decision of my life was taking that first ride and marrying my best friend. 
Did I mention there is almost sixteen years difference? And he is the hottest early retiree!

my husband was my carpool and the rest was history

This girl is my sidekick and part of the business.  She just lights up a room and can bring a smile out in anyone. She has a vivacious personality and pretty unforgettable.  

So of course, she is my go to for family sessions. She wrangles the tots and eases parents during sessions. Life is just more amazing having her by my side.  Note: She's 7.

My girl, Olivia...she's my superpower






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Let's create your family heirloom together and give you those images that give you all the feels and bring you right back to that moment. To relive over and over. 

I can't wait to work with you and make your day the best day ever! 

I value the real you. Authentic loving moments and connections. I want to help tell your story and capture the moments that give you all the feels. The moments that define you. The moments you cherish. That's where I come in.

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